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Our Commitment

Our workers are from the indigenous group called Ngäbe-Bugle and they are the backbone of our coffee farm. Without them, we would not be able to harvest or process the coffee. We have five families living permanently on the farm and during the harvest,  seasonal workers join us at the farm. While we provide them with housing, electricity, water, Wi-Fi and of course, coffee, we have weekly educational programs and training for the workers and their children available.

Our Values


As the producer of specialty coffee we devote our efforts to do our best to preserve the quality of the coffee in order to unleash thepotential of our coffee. During the season we take good care of trees making sure they receive proper nutrition, timely pruning,and proper exposure to sunlight. During the harvest all of our coffee is picked by hand only at the peak each bean’s ripeness


Caring for social and environmental needs does not have to compromise quality. We are devoted to crafting the most consistent and flavorful coffee possible while maintaining a natural environment. We do this to ensure that future generations can continue finding innovative and sustainable methods to grow high-quality coffee, especially amidst climate change.


People are the backbone of coffee production. Without them, we would not be able to enjoy the floral and sweet coffee notes that can be found in Panamanian coffee. Often, it is forgotten that the coffee production in Panama rests on the shoulders of one group of people in particular: the Ngäbe-Buglé, an indigenous group within the territories of Panama and Costa Rica. That is why we have been promoting the recognition of their and other cultures involved in the production and processing at coffee farms. 


Our goal is to consistently supply the highest quality coffee and to strive for the best cup development a bean can generate. The blending of modern, eco-friendly techniques means that we can provide the highest quality, consistent, flavorful coffees. We constantly improve their processing methods and believe that there is always something to improve and do better than the year before.

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