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About Us

Damarli Estate was acquired in 1995 by David Pech and his family. It was named after the family: DA- for David, MA – for Manfred (David’s father), R – for Ruth (David’s mother) and LI – for Lia (David’s wife). It is an 18 hectares estate, of which 11 hectares are coffee and 7 hectares are natural reserve.


We grow various coffee varietals including the famous Panama Geisha and have won the national Best of Panama coffee competition with our Pacamara and Bourbon coffee varietals.

Best of Panama.jpg

Facts & Figures

Location: Boquete – Palmira Arriba/Volcancito

Elevation: 1450 to 1500 meters (4750-4925 ft)

Annual Rainfall: 2000-2200mm

Dry Season: 2-3 months

Yearly Average Temperature: 20-21° Celsius (68-70° F)

Day Temperatures: 21-26.5° Celsius

Night Temperatures: 15-20° Celsius

Coffee Varieties: Panama Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Marsellessa & Typica

Cultivation Method: Shade Grow

Meet the Team

Damarli Estate is a family-owned coffee farm where the Pech and Ruiz families share their long coffee history.

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