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Damarli Estate
Boquete, PanamÁ

Specialty Coffee Farm, Lodging & Tours

Damarli Estate

Damarli Estate was established in 1995 and planted in 1996. It is owned by the David and Lia Pech. Damarli has since grown into a lodging, tourism and specialty coffee establishment.


Damarli Estate is located at an altitude of 1,450 to 1,500 meters - close to the Baru Volcano - with one of the driest microclimates of Boquete, Panama. The estate has various coffee varietals such as Panama Geisha, Red Bourbon and Pacamara. There are also several other plants such as orange, banana, plantain and avocado trees.


During the dry season, the weather is relatively stable and sunny but during the rainy season, the weather changes quickly, and the estate becomes a cloud forest, full of misty clouds.

Dryer with View of Mountains.JPG


"Coffee is a daily escape from the ordinary, our coffees better be extraordinary"

- David Pech -


Our Tour

We would love to welcome you to our farm and show you the coffee process. If the time is right, you'll be able to get involved in the harvesting process, learn everything you need to know about coffee and of course, taste our delicious coffees.


Our Lodging

Experience coffee paradise and stay on a specialty coffee farm. We offer cozy rooms and an outdoor kitchen for a group of up to seven people.

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